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Children’s Church

Our Children’s Church Service is on Sundays from 10.30am to approximately 12.00 noon.

Usually the children go into the main service to be with their parents for the first 2 worship songs and then go out for their service, which is geared to their needs.

We believe that in a world which offers a multitude of input and influence into children’s lives, we have 1 hour in a week to make a difference and to challenge the children to look at life God’s way.

Our desire and aim is to help children establish themselves in a relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ, to help them grow in this and in their relationships with each other. We also want to help children apply biblical principles in their daily lives and to look to the Bible for answers.

We take an offering since it is important to learn the pleasure and privilege we have of giving into the Kingdom of God.

We have a lively, interactive service, with stories, illustrations, music and occasionally puppet skits to bring variety.

For more information contact the Church Office.