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Fund raising

With your help, Alford Community Church can raise funds in two ways:

Through ASTCO, you can place any unwanted clothes in the ASTCO containers (currently outside The Chauntry).

By using EasyFundRaising when you buy goods online, Alford Community Church receives a donation from the seller. Click on the link above to find out more.


There are two ways to donate money to Alford Community Church using the internet (note: we recommend you use a good internet security program).

If you wish to donate to a specific project via the internet, then please inform the Church Office, letting them know the date, amount and the project.

If a receipt or acknowledgement is required (recommended if this is the first time you have done this), then please send a message to the Church Office.

Bank: Reliance Bank Ltd

Bank Account Number: 00213184

Bank Account Sort Code:  60-01-73

If a “reference” is required, you may enter your name or the word “Donation”.