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Alford Community Church m.Pastor

Pastor Roy Hickson

Alford Community Church people

Alford Community Church consists of many people from a broad range of social and professional backgrounds and experiences, ranging in age from young children to over eighty. There is a thriving youth group and a popular senior citizen’s group to name two such groups.

Alford Community Church organisation

Alford Community Church is headed and directed by Pastor (Revd) Roy Hickson, with the support of his wife, Ruth, and assisted by an Eldership of experienced and mature Christians. Because this church is constituted as a charitable company, there is a group of Trustee/Directors who have responsibility for the legal and managerial aspects of the organisation.

The various functions of the church are mostly carried out by the members of the church, with assistance from people from the local community, in order to fulfil our aims and objectives and legal obligations.