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Book Library

All the books listed below are available to borrow from Alford Community Church, The ACCess Centre, 47 West Street. You can search the library using your web browser’s page search function (usually Ctrl-F).

1      Selected to Live                                                   Johanna Ruth Dobschiner

2      You can make a difference                                          Tony Campolo

3      Breakthrough                                                       Fred Lemon

4      Don't just stand there Pray something                              Ronald Dunn

5      A time to Seek                                                     Lee Fisher

6      Healing the wounded                                                John White/ Ken Blue

7      Truth to tell in Borneo                                            Gladys Rusha

8      Vanya                                                              Myrna Grant

9      Towards the Dawn (what's going to happen to Britain)               Clifford Hill

10     Mudishi the Congo Hunter                                           W.F.P. Burton

11     The Seven last Years                                               Carol Balizet

12     Flirting with the World- a challenge to disloyalty                 John White

13     SCENE ONE- Sketched for Church Drama Group                         Ashley Martin/ Andy Kelso

14     See it God's Way                                                   Clive Calver/ Tony Campolo

15     Disappointment with God                                            Philip Yancey

16     Day by Day with God                                                Christina Press

17     Scientists who believe                                             Eric C. Barrett/ David Fisher

18     Bible stories Retold                                               David Kossoff

19     Against the Tide                                                   Watchman Nee

20     Reflections from David                                             Hugh B. Black

21     Tramp for the Lord                                                 Corrie Ten Boom

22     The Hiding Place                                                   Corrie Ten Boom

23     Jesus is Victor                                                    Corrie Ten Boom

24     The Diary of Anne Frank                                            Anne Frank

25     Prison to Praise                                                   Merlin Carothers

26     Sangster of Westminster                                            Friends of Dr. Sangster

27     Of God and men                                                     A. W. Tozer

28     Kriss Akabusi                                                      Ted Harrison

29     Understanding to the simple                                        Nancy E. Robbins

30     How to win souls                                                   Eugene Myers Harrison

31     Calm answers for a confused Church                                 Charles R. Swindoll

32     The Jesus Generation                                               Billy Graham

33     A Step further                                                     Toni Eareckson / Steve Estes

34     One Baptism                                                        G. W. North

35     Victorious Christian service                                       Alan Redpath

36     No more excuses- Be the man God made you to be                     Tony Evans

37     World Aflame                                                       Billy Graham

38     Day bt Day                                                         Billy Graham

39     Inspiring messages for daily living                                Norman Vincent Peale

40     Cults World religions and you                                      Kenneth Boa

41     Revolution in the World missions                                   K. P. Yohannan

42     Revolution in the World missions                                   K. P. Yohannan

43     Plans, purposes and pursuits                                       Kenneth E. Hagin

44     The art of connecting-how to change relationships forever          Roy Crowne / Bill Muir / Angela Little

45     What the Bible tells me                                            John G. Churchill

46     Your personal encourager                                           Selwyn Hughes

47     How to- (study Series) Enjoying God's grace                        Terry Virgo

48     Looking for a miracle -  Two pork chops                            John Masters

49     Jesus then and now - Work Book                                     Mags Law

50     Small Group starter kit                                            Jeff Arnold

51     Christian Beliefs                                                  Stephen Eyre

52     Evangelism - Away of life                                          Rebecca Pippert / Ruth Siemens

53     To walk and not to grow weary                                      Fran Sciacca

54     Meeting God - 12 Studies                                           J. I. Packer

55     Growing young disciples - Life to the Max                          Tim Hawkins

56     Oasis Bible notes - The Gospel to the door                         John Wimber

57     Travels in  the near east                                          Albanian Evangelical Trust

58     Fasting - Key to successful living                                 Derek Prince

59     Changed Lives                                                      W. Barratt / A Williams

60     When things go wrong                                               Selwyn Hughes

61     Search the scriptures                                              Rev. Alan M. Stibbs

62     Closer to God - True freedom?                                      Walter Moberly

63     The hour that changes the World                                    Dick Eastman

64     Know what you believe                                              Paul E. Little

65     In His steps                                                       Charles M. Sheldon

66     Something beautiful for God                                        Malcolm Muggeridge

67     Boomerang - Or the funeral of failure                              Authur Burt

68     Twelve Jews discover Messiah                                       Ben Hoekendijk

69     Congo Pioneer                                                      Harold Womersley

70     Billy Graham invites you to discover the Holy Spirit               Billy Graham

71     The passion for souls                                              Oswald J. Smith

72     The gentle breeze of Jesus                                         Mel Tari / Nona Tari

73     Let Go                                                             Fenelon

74     Understanding Christian attitudes                                  George Hoffman

75     Words of thanks from the bible                                     The Bible

76     Childless - the hurt and the hope                                  Beth Spring

77     Childless - the hurt and the hope                                  Beth Spring

78     What's the point                                                   Norman Warren

79     Living through grief                                               Harold Bauman

80     Is anybody there                                                   Dave Martin

81     Why Believe                                                        Norman Warren

82     The Resurrection - fact or fiction                                 Richard Bewes

83     Living through grief                                               Harold Bauman

84     The path of peace                                                  Norman Warren

85     What happens after death                                           David Winter

86     A new beginning                                                    Richard Bewes

87     What happens after death                                           David Winter

88     Religion or Christ: what is the difference                         RBC Discovery Series

89     Knowing God through the New Testament                              RBC Discovery Series

90     Knowing God through Isaiah                                         RBC Discovery Series

91     Developing the art of Gracious Disagreement                        RBC Discovery Series

92     Knowing God through Zechariah                                      RBC Discovery Series

93     How can I live with my Lord                                        RBC Discovery Series

94     Who is this man who says he is God                                 RBC Discovery Series

95     The Holidays of God (Spring Feasts)                                RBC Discovery Series

96     The Holidays of God (Fall Feasts)                                  RBC Discovery Series

97     The mind of Christ                                                 RBC Discovery Series

98     How can I know what God wants me to do                             RBC Discovery Series

99     Why Christians doubt                                               RBC Discovery Series

100    Mary and Martha                                                    Alice Mathews

101    Surviving the storms of stress                                     Ron Hutchcroft

102    Moses, His anger and what it cost him                              RBC Discovery Series

103    What if it's true                                                  RBC Discovery Series

104    Why would a good God allow suffering                               RBC Discovery Series

105    When fear seems overwhelming                                       RBC Discovery Series

106    The amazing prophecy of names Isaiah 96                            RBC Discovery Series

107    Eve and Rahab                                                      Alice Mathews

108    Why is life so unfair Psalm 73                                     RBC Discovery Series

109    When passions are confused - understanding Homosexuality           RBC Discovery Series

110    Faith in the city- a call for action by Church & nation            Archbishop of Canterbury commitee

111    How do churches grow                                               Dr. Ray Pointer

112    How do churches grow                                               Dr. Ray Pointer

113    Essentials a Liberal-Evangelical dialogue                          David L Edwards / John Stott

114    Bad Samaritans - First World ethics & Third World debt             Paul Vallely

115    Waking the dead                                                    John Eldredge

116    Bring forth Justice                                                Waldron Scott

117    Testament of Faith                                                 William Barclay

118    Winding Quest                                                      Alan T Dale

119    The bait of Satan                                                  John Bevere

120    Naming the Mystery - How words shape prayer & belief               James E Griffiss

121    Revolution in World Mission                                        K P Yohannon

122    Marriage and Sexuality                                             Dr. Dobson

123    God holds the key                                                  Geoffrey T Bull

124    The Holy Spirit and you                                            Dennis Bennett / Rita Bennett

125    Moving on in the Spirit                                            Dennis Bennett

126    God's lively people                                                Mark Gibbs / T Ralph Morton

127    Issues facing Christians tofay (Study Guide)                       Lance Pierson

128    Famous Prayers                                                     Veronica Zundel

129    Come! Live! Die!- The real revolution                              George Verwer

130    A Life God rewards                                                 Bruce Wilkinson

131    The Lord has turned me                                             Rev. R K Mazierski

132    Evangelism now and then                                            Michael Green

133    The healing power of forgiveness                                   Ray Pritchard

134    Big ideas for a better Sunday School                               Dr. Clarence Sexton

135    Builders and fools                                                 Derek J Tidball

136    Promise Book                                                       Hugh Redwood

137    The role of Women                                                  Shirley Lees

138    The Alpha team training manual                                     Alpha Publications

139    Alpha Manual                                                       Alpha Publications

140    A family guide to better money management                          Keith Tondeur

141    The Theology of Rowan Williams                                     Garry J Williams

142    An Evangelism Cookbook                                             Derek Cook

143    Power for living                                                   Authur S DeMoss

144    Israel in Prophecy                                                 William Hendricksen

145    Full Circle                                                        Dorothy Dennison

146    Sex and that - Taking charge of your life                          Michael Lawson

147    Day by Day with God- Bible readings for women                      

148    Beyond the Cross and the switchblade                               David Wilkerson

149    Overflowing life                                                   Robert C Frost

150    Kneel to God - Stand up to life                                    Don Summers

151    Drawing the child to Christ                                        G A Neilson

152    Come to tea with me                                                Montague Goodman

153    What Jesus said about money & possessions                          Keith Tondeur

154    Ask me another                                                     H E Walter

155    Letters to young churches                                          J B Phillips

156    Prison to praise                                                   Chaplain (LTC) Merlin Carothers

157    I believe in the Holy Ghost                                        Maynard James

158    The inspirational reader                                           Rev W E Sangster

159    Why believe                                                        Norman Warren

160    Losing a child                                                     Elaine Storkey

161    Be filled with the Holy Spirit                                     David Watson

162    Journey into life                                                  Norman Warren

163    A great legacy                                                     Rev R J Coates

164    Commonsense Bible study                                            G R Harding Wood

165    The resurrection - Fact or fiction                                 Richard Bewes

166    Mileposts in Prophecy                                              Paul R Van Gorder

167    Why I left the Church of Rome                                      Rev J Peano

168    Journey into life                                                  Norman Warren

169    The Lamplighter                                                    Derick Bingham

170    Walking with giants                                                Derick Bingham

171    All those lonely people                                            Derick Bingham

172    The Middle East - Watch It!                                        Richard W DeHaan

173    Objections to present day Pentecost answered                       British Pentecost Fellowship

174    How to be sure you are a Christian                                 Bill Bright

175    Why God?                                                           Simon Barrington-Ward

176    For those who Thirst                                               Gospel of Mark

177    All those lonely people                                            Derick Bingham

178    The Love unknown                                                   Derick Bingham

179    His works or yours                                                 W S Durham

180    Healing - What about today?                                        Dr. Derek Stringer

181    Genesis - An introdution and commentary                            Derek Kidner

182    The New Jerusalem Bible (New Testament)                            Alexander Jones

183    Users guide to the Bible                                           Chris Wright

184    Tyndale Commentary Ephesians                                       Francis Foulkes

185    Search the Scriptures (3yr Study)                                  Alan M Stibbs

186    Bible study books 2 Joshua-2 Samuel                                H L Ellison

187    Words of comfort                                                   The Bible

188    Bible reading for the Christmas season                             

189    How to read the Bible                                              Walter F Adeney

190    2 Pork Chops - looking for a miracle                               John Masters

191    St Paul and the Gospel of Jesus                                    Charles E Raven

192    Messianic Jews - challenging church and Synagogue                  John Fieldsend

193    Sit back and relax                                                 Sam Books

194    A Life worth living                                                Nicky Gumbel

195    A friend in need                                                   Selwyn Hughes

196    A view from a bouncy castle                                        Adrian Plass

197    In the eye of a storm                                              Max Lucado

198    The gifts of the Spirit                                            Harold Horton

199    An alien at St. Wilfreds                                           Adrian Plass

200    A smile on the face of God                                         Adrian Plass

201    The daily walk Bible                                               Tyndale

202    The one minute Bible                                               Nova Publishing

203    Counselling in a troubled society                                  Harry Dean / Margaret Dean

204    What sayeth the Scripture                                          C F Hogg

205    The Holy Land                                                      Everyman Guides

206    1200 More notes, quotes & anecdotes                                A Naismith

207    Gospel Tidings Vol5 1973-75                                        Gospel Tidings

208    The best of Crusade                                                David B Winter

209    Awake my heart                                                     J Sidlow Baxter

210    Pilgrims Progress                                                  John Bunyan

211    Army Beliefs and Characteristics                                   Blood and Fire

212    Jesus Christ - the Jesus of history, the Christ of faith           J R Porter

213    Right with God                                                     John Blanchard

214    Beyond ourselves - a woman's pilgrimage in faith                   Catherine Marshall

215    The founder of Christianity                                        C H Dodd

216    The Christian response                                             Michael Quoist

217    A backdoor to Heaven ( an autobiography                            Lionell Blue

218    You in your small corner                                           Capenerhurst

219    How to be born again                                               Billy Graham

220    Ministry without portfolio                                         Colin Cuttell

221    Power for living                                                   James Buckingham

222    Absolute surrender                                                 Andrew Murray

223    Appointment in Jerusalem                                           Lydia Prince

224    Dear and glorious Physician                                        Taylor Caldwell

225    Faith for the future                                               Colin Urquhart

226    My Father is the gardener                                          Colin Urquhart

227    The big fisherman                                                  Lloyd C Douglass

228    The Life of Christ                                                 H A Guy

229    Spiritual Power and Church growth                                  C Peter Wagner

230    A closer walk                                                      Catherine Marshall

231    To live again                                                      Catherine Marshall

232    Great lion of God                                                  Taylor Caldwell

233    The Life of the Spirit                                             Herbert Waddams

234    Messengers of Good News                                            Derek Tidball

235    The Gospel according to Brodie                                     Jennifer Rees Larcombe

236    Christian Life style                                               Edward Patey

237    The eve of persecution                                             Basilea Schlink

238    Come to me - an urgent invitation to return to Christ              Tom Wells

239    Ready for the party                                                Christina Baxter

240    Shopfloor Christianity                                             Frank Deeks

241    Making men whole                                                   J B Phillips

242    Snatched from the flames                                           Anita Hydes

243    Dark Journey                                                       Jenny Robertson

244    Tramp for the Lord                                                 Corrie ten Boom

245    Riding the wind                                                    George T Montague

246    Holy Spirit                                                        Michael Ramsey

247    Walking on water                                                   Barry Kissell

248    Something more                                                     Catherine Marshall

249    Treasure in jars of clay                                           Nancy George

250    God's Smuggler                                                     Brother Andrew

251    Killing time                                                       Noel Fellowes

252    An honest search for a righteous life                              David A Hubbard

253    The Gospel Blimp                                                   Joseph Bayly

254    How are you doing?                                                 Stuart Dinnen

255    God's thoughts                                                     Dick Williams

256    Right with God                                                     John Blanchard

257    Storm warning                                                      Billy Graham

258    Living sacrifice                                                   Helen Roseveare

259    The Church under the Cross                                         J B Phillips

260    By an unknown Disciple                                             Hodder and Stoughton

261    Got any bread?                                                     Bill & Joanie Yoder

262    Truth in the Son                                                   David Winter

263    The Cross and the switchblade                                      David Wilkerson

264    A step further                                                     Joni Eareckson Tada

265    A New Song                                                         Pat Boone

266    How to live above your problems                                    Oral Roberts

267    The Lion's book of Children's prayers                              Mary Batchelor

268    Atlas of Bible History                                             A Lion Book

269    Atlas of Bible History                                             A Lion Book

270    Introducing the Old Testament                                      John Drane

271    A History of Israel                                                John Bright

272    Operation World - pray for the World                               Patrick Johnstone

273    God the Almighty                                                   Donald G Bloesch

274    Magi - The quest for a secret tradition                            Adrian G Gilbert

275    My Dear Son - A personal revelation of Jesus                       Colin Urquhart

276    The Master called - Story of A J Gilliard                          Miriam M Richards

277    With Sword and Song                                                Will J Brand

278    Strong Doctrine, Strong Mercy                                      Shaw Clifton

279    Star Cross - A space pilgrimage                                    Ray Caddy

280    Sing the happy song                                                Brindley Boon

281    The Jesus Generation                                               Billy Graham

282    My Dear Child - Listening to God's Heart                           Colin Urquhart

283    A curate for all seasons                                           Fred Secombe

284    Outside in - reaching unchurched people today                      Mike Breen

285    Day by Day                                                         Billy Graham

286    Our faith and theirs                                               John J Coutts

287    The pearlmaker - How to triumph over lifes irritation              Jim & Judson Cornwall

288    Spiritual Breakthrough - The Holy Spirit and ourselves             John Larsson

289    The picture of happiness- Studias in the beatitudes                David Guy

290    More than one homeland - story of Gladys Calliss                   Frederick Coutts

291    Kingdom Zoology- Dealing with Wolves,Serpents and Swine            Joel A Freeman

292    Growing together                                                   Shaw & Helen Clifton

293    A cry in the wilderness                                            Keith Green

294    By Love compelled                                                  Solveig Smith

295    The Church and the Bomb                                            Bishop of Salisbury

296    No discharge in this war                                           Frederick Coutts

297    Another harvest of the years                                       Salvation Army

298    Choosing to love again                                             Dr. Gary Rosberg

299    Hot under the collar                                               Murray Watts

300    Walking with Christ in the details of life                         Patrick M Morley

301    Rolling in the Aisles                                              Murray Watts

302    Bats in the Belfry                                                 Murray Watts

303    Worship                                                            Graham Kendrick

304    Top Note for Jazz Men                                              Fred Brown

305    Daily strength for daily needs                                     Mary W Tileston

306    Ever is the War cry                                                Salvation Army

307    Preparation for soldiership                                        Salvation Army

308    The General next to God (William Booth)                            Richard Collier

309    The Salvatioist in the secular society                             Bernard Watson

310    Come Boldly pray                                                   Eileen Spriggs

311    Out of bounds                                                      Judith Wigley

312    Broken windows - Broken Lives                                      Adrian Plass

313    The theatrical tapes of Leonard Thynn                              Adrian Plass

314    The growing up pains of Adrian Plass                               Adrian Plass

315    The final boundary                                                 Adrian Plass

316    Nothing without Love                                               Ken Lawson

317    Philosophy and the Christian faith                                 Colin Brown

318    Daily reading from the works of Martyn Lloyd Jones                 Martyn Lloyd Jones

319    Here I stand - Biography of Martin Luther                          Roland Bainton

320    The applause of heaven                                             Max Lucado

321    Stress family Robinson                                             Adrian Plass

322    Dark clouds - Silver lining                                        Dr. Archibald D Hart

323    Singing in the dark                                                Barry Taylor

324    The sacred diary of Adrian Plass                                   Adrian Plass

325    The Horizontal epistles of Andromeda Veal                          Adrian Plass

326    Don't let jerks get the best of you                                Paill Meier

327    Radiant Rebel - The story of Ernst Schmidtke                       Auther Linnett

328    Christ is the answer                                               Frederick Coutts

329    Tender loving care                                                 Irene Carr

330    Telling others                                                     Nicky Gumbel

331    The Old Corps                                                      Rdward H Joy

332    Your Spiritual gifts - can help your church grow                   C Peter Wagner

333    Prisoners of hope - captivity and freedom in Afghanistan           Dayna Curry & Heather Mercer

334    Can God use me?                                                    Robert Amess

335    Leathal Justice - Journey of hope on death row                     Joy Elder

336    Sex and that - taking charge of your life                          Michael Lawson

337    The God who saves                                                  Chick Yuill

338    Congress Biographies                                               Sir John Boyd

339    The Salvationist and alcohol                                       Sidney Gauntlett

340    Where the pepper grows - story of Edward Roselund                  Raymond Caddy

341    Bamboo Notebook                                                    Leslie Rusher

342    Play the music, Play                                               Brindley Boon

343    Essentials of Christian experience                                 Frederick Coutts

344    Modern - Twice born                                                William Burrows

345    Our Daily course                                                   Edith Banks

346    My Lord and My God                                                 John McKay

347    The Food Hygiene Handbook                                          Institute of environmental health

348    Back to Jerusalem                                                  Paul Hattaway

349    Clearing away the rubbish                                          Adrian Plass

350    Colours of survival                                                Adrian & Bridget Plass

351    When Heaven is silent                                              Ronald Dunn

352    How to stay sane when your families cracking up                    Colin Piper/ Chris Curtis/ Tim Dobson

353    The Christian in complete armour vol1                              William Gurnell

354    The Christian in complete armour vol2                              William Gurnell

355    The Christian in complete armour vol3                              William Gurnell

356    The Salvationists                                                  John Coutts

357    Samuel Logan Brengle - Teacher of Holiness                         William Clark

358    The Annointing                                                     Benny Hinn

359    Man alive                                                          Michael Green

360    Shadow of the Almighty                                             Elisabeth Elliot

361    In God's underground                                               Richard Wurmbrand

362    Christ or the red flag                                             Michael Wurmbrand

363    Onward with Christ                                                 H. Bramwell Howard

364    To help you through the hurting                                    Majorie  Holmes

365    Bible stories retold                                               David Kossoff

366    Missing believed killed                                            Margaret Hayes

367    He gave us a valley                                                Helen Roseveare

368    The man from outside                                               Gordon Bridger

369    Power for Christian living                                         Ethel Jones Wilcox

370    The secret of hapiness                                             Billy Graham

371    Danger Saints at work                                              Jean A. Rees

372    Letters to young churches                                          J. B. Phillips

373    The last enemy                                                     Richard Hillary

374    A cup of sugar neighbor                                            Jeanette Lockerbie

375    God in the slums                                                   Hugh Redwood

376    Lord of the seasons                                                Peter Firth

377    Jesus the miracle worker                                           Peter Scothern

378    Escape from witchcraft                                             Roberta Blankership








386    Beyond the Cross and the Switchblade                               David Wilkinson

387    Stories from around the World 2                                    Keith Danby

388    Stories from around the World 2                                    Keith Danby

389    Edges of His Way                                                   Amy Carmichael

390    The Go Between God                                                 John V. Taylor

391    The Principles and Practice of Youth and Community Work            J.P, Leighton

392    The Gospel in Genesis                                              Henry Law

393    Revelations for your own Miracle                                   T.L. & Daisy Osbourn

394    A Time for Remembering - The Ruth Graham story                     Patricia Cornwall

395    Why bother with Jesus                                              Michael Green

396    Combined sound of Living Waters - Fresh Sounds                     Betty Pulkingham & Jeanne Harper

397    The Renewed Mind                                                   Larry Christenson

398    Treat me cool Lord                                                 Carl Burke

399    The Helper                                                         Catherine Marshall

400    Discipleship                                                       David Watson

401    Mighty Moments                                                     Lionel B. Fletcher

402    I Have Got to alk to Somebody God                                  Majorie Holmes

403    Joni                                                               Joni Eareckson

404    Lord let me give You a Million Dollars                             Duane Logsdon

405    Intimate Friendship with God                                       Joy Dawson

406    Living under the Volcano                                           Christine Hales Perillo

407    Nikolai                                                            Bill Myers

408    Tanya and the boarder guard                                        Anita Deyneka

409    Bible Study Books 1 Corinthians- Galatians                         R.P. Martin

410    Pages from God's dase book                                         J. Hercus

411    God's Word                                                         Trevor Huddleston

412    His God, My God                                                    Catherine Urquhart

413    Promised Land                                                      Michele Guinness

414    His God, My God                                                    Catherine Urquhart

415    Anything You Ask                                                   Colin Urquhart

416    Inside                                                             Brian Greenaway

417    Angels God's secret Agents                                         Billy Graham

418    The Pastor's Wife                                                  Sabina Wurmbrand

419    Focus on Christ                                                    John Stott

420    The Normal Christian Life                                          Watchman Nee

421    Day by Day with God                                                

422    Verdict on Jesus                                                   Leslie Badham

423    Bible stories for today - The Old Testament                        J. G. Priestley

424    Bright Dawn                                                        Jenny Robertson

425    God.s Grey Warriors                                                Michael Apichella

426    Heaven in Ordinary                                                 Angela Ashwin

427    Closer to Jesus                                                    Michael Green

428    Jesus Praise - A sing book for all occasions                       

429    Freed forever                                                      Rite Nightingale

430    God's smuggler                                                     Brother Andrew

431    The Glad Surrender                                                 Elizabeth Elliot

432    Listening to People of Hope                                        Brother Leonard of Taize

433    The Robe                                                           Lloyd C. Douglas

434    How to be a Christian in trying circumstances                      Hugh Buckingham

435    Let's talk to God                                                  Zinnia Bryan

436    Open House                                                         John Tanburn

437    The Site - Daily hits on God's Word                                Hodder & Stoughton

438    Glad Encounter                                                     George Appleton

439    This is Christianity                                               Peter Cotterell

440    The Mna who Listens                                                Taylor Caldwell

441    Discovering Prayer                                                 Andrew Knowles

442    The Trial of Joan of Arc                                           Marina Warner

443    The Age of Bede                                                    Penguin Classics

444    Praying with the Bible                                             George Appleton

445    Going it - With God                                                Ian Shevill

446    Approaching Christmas                                              Joyce Huggett

447    The Single Woman in the Family of God                              Margaret Britton

448    Dead Sure about yourdelf, Life, Faith                              J. John

449    Jesus the Nazarene                                                 Norman Bull

450    A Feast for Lent                                                   Delia Smith

451    Patterns of Faith                                                  J.L. Houlden

452    The Way Ahead                                                      Norman Warren

453    Harringay Story- Account of the Greater London Crusade             Frank Colquhoun

454    The Cost of Commitment                                             John White

455    The Reason why You need Christ                                     Robert A. Laidlaw

456    Runaway World                                                      Michael Green

457    My God is Real                                                     David C.K. Watson

458    The ABC of Personal Evangelism                                     The Fishers Fellowship

459    Martin Luther King - Strength of Love                              Collins

460    Runaway World                                                      Michael Green

461    His God My God                                                     Caroline Urquhart

462    Share Your Faith                                                   Leith Samuel

463    Obeying Christ in a Changing World                                 John Stott

464    What is Evangelism                                                 Douglas Webster

465    Chase - Billy Burns survives to tell his story                     Billy Burns

466    God's Brainwave                                                    Bernard Miles

467    Small Faith Great God                                              Tom Wright

468    Basic Christianity                                                 John R.W. Stott

469    The Way I see it NOW                                               Cliff Richard

470    The Normal Christian Life                                          Watchman Nee

471    Catherine Bramwell Booth                                           Mary Batchelor

472    How to give away Your Faith                                        Paul E. Little

473    Being a Christian                                                  Richard Harries

474    Man Alive                                                          Michael Green

475    Total Christianity                                                 Frank Colquhoun

476    Fear no Evil                                                       David Watson

477    The Furnace of Renewel                                             George Mallone

478    The True and Living God                                            Trevor Huddleston

479    A Feast for Lent                                                   Delia Smith

480    A Feast for Lent                                                   Delia Smith

481    Peace with God                                                     Billy Graham

482    Peace with God                                                     Billy Graham

483    Devil on the Run                                                   Nicky Cruz

484    Walking on Water                                                   Barry Kissell

485    Dear and Glorious Physician                                        Taylor Caldwell

486    New Life New Lifestyle                                             Michael Green

487    Peace With God                                                     Billy Graham

488    A Feast for Lent                                                   Delia Smith

489    God's Diverse People                                               Lawrence & Diane Osborn

490    In God's care                                                      Herder Frieburg

491    Lord of the Valleys                                                Florence Bulle

492    All Are Called - Towards a Theology of the Laity                   Church House Publishing

493    Confessions of a Happy Christian                                   Zig Ziglar

494    Honesty of Purpose                                                 Alfred J. Evans

495    Real Change is possible- From the Inside Out                       Dr. Larry Crabb

496    Believing makes sense                                              Lucas Grollenberg

497    Faith makes Sense                                                  J. Edwin Orr

498    In Life Eternal                                                    Margaret Stevens

499    The Jesus People speak out                                         Ruben Ortega

500    Conviction- By Donald Coggan Archbishop of Canterbury              Donald Coggan

501    From Now On                                                        Ralph Shallis

502    Emotionally Free                                                   Rita Bennett

503    Through the Year with Michael Ramsey                               Michael Ramsey

504    Reading for Lent                                                   Collins

505    The Hour that Changes the World                                    Dick Eastman

506    The Problems of Christian belief- Archbishop of Canterbury         Michael Ramsey

507    Saint Bernard on The Love of God                                   A. R. Mowbray

508    Treasury of Courage and Confidence                                 Norman Vincent Peales

509    Power for Life's Living                                            Arnold H. Lowe

510    Power for Living                                                   Jamie Buckingham

511    Corrie Ten Boom -Her Life Her Faith                                Carole C. Carson

512    God at Work in Science, Politics and Human Life                    James Parkes

513    Conversations with God (book1)                                     Neale Donald Walsch

514    Ordering Your Private World                                        Donald MacDonald

515    Lift off to Faith                                                  Michael Green

516    Priestland's Progress                                              Gerald Priestland

517    Operation World- Pray for the world                                Patrick Johnstone

518    Mind out of time- Reincarnation investigated                       Ian Wilson

519    Christianity Explained                                             Brenda Courtie/ Margaret Johnston

520    Jerusalem in the time of Jesus                                     Joachim Jeremias

521    Through Lands of the Bible                                         H. V. Morton

522    Christianity confronts Communism                                   Matthew Spinka

523    New Testament Essays                                               Raymond E. Brown

524    Rebuilding the Walls                                               Stuart Bell

525    The Religions of the World                                         Godfrey E. Phillips

526    God of Surprises                                                   Gerard W. Hughes

527    Like a Mighty Army                                                 M. A. P. Wood

528    The Whole Gospel for the Whole World                               Alan Walker

529    The Man born to be King                                            Dorothy L. Sayers

530    The Greatest Faith ever Known                                      Fulton Oursler/ April Oursler Armstrong

531    A Revolution of Love and Balance                                   George Verwer

532    Of the Imitation of Christ                                         Thomas A. Kempis

533    Baptized in the Spirit and Spiritual Gifts                         Steve Clark

534    Stories from the Old Testament                                     John Bailey

535    The Good Pagan's Failure                                           Rosalind Murray

536    Stand to Reason- The Apostles Creed                                David Foot Nash

537    Your Life God's Way                                                J. John

538    How to Give away your Faith                                        Paul E. Little

539    Fear No Evil                                                       David Watson

540    Christian Deviations                                               Horton Davies

541    The Spirit of Renewal                                              Edward England

542    Faith Beyond Reason                                                A. W. Tozer

543    Hachette World Guides- ISRAEL                                      Elian J. Finbert

544    Journey into Life                                                  Norman Warren

545    A Missionary Muses on the Creed                                    Patricia St. John

546    Right to Baptize                                                   Geoffrey Hart

547    Your Child's Baptism                                               Frank Colquhoun

548    Angels with Dirty Faces- Children in the kingdom of God            Ishmael

549    Release of the Spirit                                              Watchman Nee

550    Unto His Own                                                       Jacob Gartenhaus

551    The Christian Response                                             Michel Quoist

552    What about the Old Testament                                       John Bowden

553    The Screwtape Letters                                              C. S. Lewis

554    The English Reformation                                            Gerard Culkin

555    A Short History of the Hebrews                                     B. K. Rattey

556    The Greatness of Grace                                             R. B. Thieme

557    Reflections on life after death                                    Raymond Moody Jr.

558    Everyday Prayers                                                   Student Christian Movement Press

559    The Art of Meditation                                              Joel Goldsmith

560    Short Prayers for the Long Day                                     Giles & Melville Harcourt

561    God's Springtime                                                   Joyce Huggett

562    A Woman's Book of Prayer                                           Rita Snowden

563    Christian Counter-attack                                           Arnold Lunn & Garth Lean

564    In Christ Jesus                                                    Colin Urquhart

565    From Jerusalem to New Delhi                                        M. E. Gibbs

566    The Church reaches Out                                             Richard Bewes

567    The Chriatian Experience of the Holy Spirit                        H. Wheeler Robinson

568    Give us this Day                                                   Ken Stallard

569    Be Filled with the Spirit                                          David Watson

570    Beyond Healing                                                     Jennifer Rees Larcombe

571    The Problem of Pain                                                C. S. Lewis

572    Prayers for a City                                                 Joy White

573    A Chain of Prayers across the Ages                                 Celina Fitzherbert Fox

574    Now that I'm a Christian                                           E. F. Kevan

575    Joni                                                               Joni Eareckson

576    Tramp for the Lord                                                 Corrie Ten Boom

577    A Boys' and Girls' Life of Christ                                  J. Patterson Smith

578    Basic Christianity                                                 John R. W. Stott

579    Growing Into Love                                                  Joyce Huggett

580    Yes I Am                                                           Norman Grubb

581    God Sex and You                                                    M. O. Vincent

582    The Gentleman Saint                                                Margaret Trounce

583    Something Beautiful for God                                        Malcolm Muggeridge

584    The Comic Book Bible                                               A Barbour Book

585    Book of the Lord - reflections on the life of Christ               Wilbur J. Borer

586    Something Beautiful for God                                        Malcolm Muggeridge

587    The Open Book - A collection of stories for the family             Collins

588    Equality & Excellence - A Christian comment on British life        Daniel Jenkins

589    A Little Child's life of Jesus                                     Amy Steedman

590    The Developement Debate                                            Charles Elliott

591    Christian Ethics and Modern Problems                               W. R. Ince

592    Focus on Living                                                    Winifred Wilkinson

593    Families in Other Places                                           Charles Frisby & Barbara Wilson

594    Life Faith and Prayer                                              A. Graham Ikin

595    The God of all Comfort                                             Norman R. Perry

596    The Faith of a Methodist                                           Eric Baker

597    Let's ask the Padre - some broadcast talks                         Rev. Ronald Selby Wright

598    Pines and Pit Propa                                                Hugh Redwood

599    A Book of School Worship                                           Morman J. Bull

600    Faith without Religion                                             Fred Brown

601    Teenage Religion                                                   Harold Loukes

602    Creative Suffering                                                 Julia De Beausobre

603    What is Evangelism?                                                Douglas Webster

604    The Church Marches On                                              Norman J. Bull

605    Science, Religion and the Future - A Course of eight Lectures      Charles E. Raven

606    Christianity and the World Order                                   Edward Norman

607    The Moral Conduct of a Christian                                   Lindsay Dewar

608    The School of Prayer                                               Olive Wyon

609    The Interpretation of Christian Ethics                             Reinhold Niebuhr

610    The Prayer of Jabez for Kids                                       Bruce Wilkinson

611    Life's Little Instruction Book Volume 11                           H. Jackson Brown

612    Come Ye Apart                                                      J. R. Miller

613    Live and Pray                                                      Brother Kenneth & Sister Geraldine

614    Words of Peace                                                     A Lion Book

615    The Emmaus Road - Prayers for Homely folk                          S Mary's Press

616    The Way - A Practical Guide to the Christian Life                  Godfrey Robinson & Stephen Winward

617    Introduction to Contemplative Meditation                           M. V. Dunlop

618    Learning to Pray for Boys and Girls                                H. A. Skinner

619    Getting to Know You - Pray and God                                 Etta Gullick

620    Light for Today                                                    Patience Strong

621    The Inside Room - The Search for inner freedom                     Eileen Mitson

622    Journey into Life                                                  Norman Wareen

623    The Emmaus Road - Prayers for Homely folk                          S Mary's Press

624    Quiet Times for Christian Growth                                   Kelly James Clark

625    Abiding Security                                                   Naomi Corke

626    Praying in Our Prayers                                             Peter G. Floyd

627    What about the Children?                                           John Gray

628    The Barnabus Factor - The Power of Encouragement                   Derek Wood

629    Today's Christian Woman                                            Ann Warren

630    Lord Let Me Love                                                   Marjorie Holmes

631    An Impossible God                                                  Frank Topping

632    Does Christianity make Sense?                                      F. A. Cockin

633    Words of Encouragement                                             A Lion Book

634    Discipleship                                                       David Watson

635    When the Spirit Comes                                              Colin Urquhart

636    They saw His Glory - Intro to the Gospel and Acts                  Maisie Ward

637    The Story of the Scriptures - The Old Testament                    John Hartley

638    Child of the Covenant                                              Michele Guiness

639    Explaining Bible Truth - Man                                       Scripture Union

640    The Faith of the Bible                                             J. E. Fison

641    To Love and go on Loving                                           Sharon Ries

642    The Apostle                                                        Sholem Asch

643    Grail Breviary Psalter - Psalms Canticles and Antiphones           Geoffrey Chapman

644    Christianity                                                       Edwyn Bevan

645    Man's search for Meaning                                           Holmes McDougall

646    Paul - Envoy Extraordinary                                         Malcolm Muggeridge/ Alec Vidler

647    Reading the New Testament Today                                    Brian E. Beck

648    The Story of the Scriptures - The Old Testament                    John Hartley

649    The Zealots                                                        Martin Hengel

650    An Introduction to the Bible                                       Stanley Cook

651    A Running Commentary on the Bible                                  M. R. Bennet

652    It Happened In Palestine                                           Lesley Weatherhead

653    The Death of Christ                                                John Knox

654    Determined to Live                                                 Brian Hession

655    The Community of the Beloved Disciple                              Raymond E. Brown

656    Broken Cross- (sequel to Gospel End)                               Rob Frost

657    God can Do it for You                                              Ian Andrews

658    Hand to the Plough                                                 H. Cecil Pawson

659    Paul                                                               Veronica Heley

660    The Old Testament - Its meaning & value for the World Today        Richard Henry Malden

661    Gospel Dialogues by A. Anderson                                    A. Anderson

662    The Man Born to be King                                            Dorothy L. Sayers

663    The Community of Women and Men in the Church                       Constance F. Parvey

664    Life in All It's Fullness                                          Phillip Potter

665     Companion to the good news                                        Joseph Rhymer & Anthony Bullen

666    Religion                                                           Gordon Bailey

667    God speaks to Us - An introduction to the Bible                    Hubert Richards

668    Why Believe the Bible?                                             Rev. Hugh Pope

669    Reading in St. John's Gospel                                       William Temple

670    A Guide to the Epistles of St. Paul                                H. N. Bate

671    My Friend the Bible                                                John Sherrill

672    The History and Religion of Israel                                 G. W. Anderson

673    In the Steps of St. Paul                                           H. V. Morton

674    The Four Gospels                                                   E. V. Rieu

675    The Psalms - A Singing Version                                     Fontana

676    Lex in Corde - Studies in the Psalter                              W. Emery Barnes

677    Great Lion of God`                                                 Taylor Caldwell

678    The Life of St. Paul                                               Elizabeth W. Grierson

679    The Layman's New Testament                                         Pope

680    Grief Child                                                        Lawrence Darmani

681    Life of St. Francis of Assisi                                      Paul Sabatier

682    When Iron Gates Yield                                              Geoffrey T. Bull

683    Understanding the Old Testament                                    J. E. Fison

684    Follow the Star                                                    Mala Powers

685    Moening Glory Babies - children with AIDS                          Tolbert McCarroll

686    No Time to Weep- from despair to hope addiction to freedom         Ron Norman

687    Being Frank - God's strength in man's weakness                     Frank Gamble

688    Road to Freedom                                                    Scott Ross

689    Each Day a new Day                                                 "W. ""Speedy"" Moore"

690    A Wider Circle - The Family and Grief                              Roger & Patsy Hutson

691    Secret Strength                                                    Joni Eareckson Tada

692    Moving Forward with God                                            Joni Eareckson Tada

693    Ia It Sacrifice?                                                   Bill & Shirley Lees

694    Snatched from the Flames                                           Anita Hydes

695    If you want to Walk on Water you've got to get out of the Boat     John Ortberg

696    The Heavenly Man                                                   Paul Hattaway

697    1&2 Thessalonians The Coming that completes the Story              Phillip Greenslade

698    A Woman after God's own Heart updated & expanded                   Elizabeth George

699    The Coming World Crisis                                            Jim Durkin & Joseph Anfuso

700    The Weapons of Your Warfare                                        Larry Lee

701    Spiritual Warfare- The Mystery of iniquity revealed                Doreen Irvine

702    Pete's Story                                                       Rachel Jackson

703    The Helper                                                         Katherine Marshall

704    The Perfect Will of God                                            G. Christian Weiss

705    Apologia Pro Vita Sua                                              John Henry Newman

706    The Divine Pity                                                    Gerald Vann

707    Adventures in Prayer                                               Catherine Marshall

708    Light out of Darkness                                              Katherine O'Sullivan

709    The Wind on the Heath                                              G. H. Morrison

710    The Life of Jesus                                                  Cecil John Cadoux

711    More Father Potter of Peckham                                      Rev. Canon George Potter

712    Those of the Way                                                   Willard L. Sperry

713    Serenity                                                           W. Phillip Keller

714    The Darkness of Faith                                              Martin Luther

715    Life - You? John's Gospel                                          Scripture Gift Mission

716    The Final Boundary                                                 Adrian Plass

717    Under Cover                                                        John Bevere

718    Why God? - thinking through Faith                                  Jim Thompson

719    A Year at St. Yorick's                                             Adrian Plass

720    Lincoln Cathedral                                                  Garrod and Lofthouse

721    Beneath the Cassock- the real -life Vicar of Dibley                Joy Carroll

722    Foxe's book of Martyrs                                             John Foxe

723    Blind Jem and his Fiddle                                           Mary E. Palgrave

724    The God who answers by Fire                                        Margaret Cleator

725    Look at Churches                                                   Alfred Duggan

726    The Father Heart of God                                            Floyd McClung

727    Mighty Through God - The Life of Edith Moules                      Norman Grubb

728    Affirmations - God in the modern world                             Gerald K. Hibbert

729    Affirmations - God in the modern world                             Gerald K. Hibbert

730    Affirmations - God in the modern world                             Gerald K. Hibbert

731    Roman Dogma and Scriptural Truth                                   Alexander Stewart

732    A Reason to Live! A Reason to Die!                                 John Powell

733    Lifew - You? John's Gospel                                         Scripture Gift Mission

734    Hellen Keller - TheStory of My Life                                Hellen Keller

735    View from a bouncy castle                                          Adrian Plass

736    The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass (Aged 37 1/2)                     Adrian Plass

737    The Dudder's guide to the Old Testament                            Josephine Laffin

738    The Essential Survival Guide for the 21st Century                  Norman Fisher

739    Light in my Darkest Night                                          Catherine Marshall

740    The Meaning of Sacred Scripture                                    Louis Bouyer

741    The Growing up Pains of Adrian Plass                               Adrian Plass

742    No Greatwe Love- Sources of Taize                                  Brother Roger of Taize

743    God of Surprises                                                   Gerald W. Hughes

744    Through the Eyes of Faith                                          John Powell

745    God's Little Devotional Book for teachers                          Cox and Wyman

746    The Friendships of Women Workbook                                  Dee Brestin

747    Prophetic Lifestyle and the Celtic Way                             Andy & Jane Fitz-Gibbon

748    Healing - Fiction, Fantast or Fact                                 Dr. David Lewis

749    Praying in our prayers                                             Peter G. Floyd

750    2008 God's Final Witness                                           Ronald Weinland

751    God in the City                                                    Peter Sedgewick

752    A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness - Joseph                        Charles R. Swindoll

753    Daily Lent Reflections                                             Nick Fawcett

754    Revolution in World Missions                                       K. P. Yohannan

755    Nevertheless- to change thousands of peoples lives                 John Kirkby

756    Nevertheless- to change thousands of peoples lives                 John Kirkby

757    Nevertheless- to change thousands of peoples lives                 John Kirkby

758    Nevertheless- to change thousands of peoples lives                 John Kirkby

759    Nevertheless- to change thousands of peoples lives                 John Kirkby

760    Spread the Word                                                    J. John

761    Spread the Word                                                    J. John

762    Spread the Word                                                    J. John

763    My Dear Son                                                        Colin Urquhart

764    Prayer and the Pursuit of Happiness                                Richsrd Harries

765    God Lifting Men- Stories of the London City Mission                F.H. Wrintmore

766    The God who Speaks                                                 Ian Petit

767    Dancer Off her feet                                                Julie Sheldon

768    Looking for Love- A Life Transformed                               Maureen Sims

769    Paul a Servant of Jesus Christ                                     F. B. Meyer

770    Living Letters- The Paraphrased Epistles                           Kenneth N. Taylor

771    I Married You                                                      Walter Trobisch

772    Healed and Whole                                                   Margaret Stunt

773    The Book of Miracles                                               Melvin Banks

774    Revolution in World Missions                                       K. P. Yohannan

775    Breakout- A Violent Criminal finds Christ                          Fred Lemon

776    Miracles- True Stories of How God Acts Today                       Geoff & Hope Price

777    Footprints                                                         Margaret Fishback Powers

778    A Life Unleashed- Giving Birth to your Dreams                      Christine Caine

779    The Seers House- Story of John McConnell                           John McCreedy

780    Celebrate Recovery Inside                                          John Baker

781    New Testament Survey                                               Merrill C. Tenney

782    Stress Family Robinson                                             Adrian Plass

783    Under His Wing                                                     Patsy Clairmont

784    The Christian Citizen                                              H. F. R. Catherwood

785    Aflame for Christ                                                  Phyllis Thompson

786    Pascal's Provincial Letters- An Introdution                        Walter E. Rex

787    Joost De Blank- A Personal Memoir                                  Batha De Blank

788    Christian Citizenship                                              Mike Morris

789    Your Mind Matters- Developing a Christian World View               Chris Seaton

790    Hans Rookmaaker- A Biography                                       Linette Martin

791    100 Contemporary Christian Poets                                   Gordon Bailey

792    A Christian's Guide to the New Testament                           Alan Cole

793    Into the Way of Peace                                              Maurice Wood

794    The ABC of Door to Door Visitation                                 Ron Smith

795    True Discipleship                                                  William Macdonald

796    He Dared to Believe                                                Jean A. Rees

797    Commissioner Catherine                                             Catherine Bromwell Booth

798    Arise and Reap                                                     Isabel Chapman

799    Stories from Around the World                                      Authentic

800    31 Days of Praise                                                  Ruth Myers

801    Enjoying God                                                       Andrew Brandon

802    The God that answereth by Fire and Thunder                         Rev. Dr. Isaac Etidia

803    NO Mercy- The true story of man's thirst for revenge               Brian Russ

804    Searching Issues                                                   Nicky Gumbel

805    The First Christmas                                                Jane Swift

806    Good News for Modern Man                                           Days Inns Bible Society

807    The Imitation of Christ                                            Thomas A Kempis

808    Chicken soup for the Soul                                          Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hanson

809    The Ultimate Bible Trivia Challenge                                Bob Phillips

810    Return to the Hiding Place                                         Hans Poley

811    The Pursuit of God                                                 A.W. Tozer

812    The Cross-God's Way of Salvation                                   D. Martyn Lloyd Jones

813    Take Charge of Your Fimamcial Destiny                              Jerry Savelle

814    Overcoming the Spirit of Poverty                                   Rick Joyner

815    Against all Odds- Europes first daily Christian Television         Wendy Alec

816    The Trumpet has sounded                                            John Masters

817    It Makes Sense                                                     Stephen Gaukroger

818    Joy Unspeakanle- Baptism with the Holy Spirit                      D. Martyn Lloyd Jones

819    Out of the Comfort Zone                                            George Verwer

820    Angels- True Stories of how they touch our lives                   Hope Price

821    Praying for your Unborn Child                                      Francis & Judith McNutt

822    The Pilgrim's Progress                                             John Bunyan

823    Knowing God                                                        J. I. Packer

824    Matthew Henry's Commentary                                         Marshall Morgan & Scott

825    Why I am a Bible Believing Christian and not a Muslim              Winston J. Bygrave

826    Walk Through the Old Testament Seminar                             Dr. Bruce H. Wilkinson

827    Walk Through the Old Testament Seminar                             Dr. Bruce H. Wilkinson

828    The Philosophy of Religion                                         George Galloway

829    The Moffatt New Testament Commentary- Gospel of Luke               William Manson

830    The Prayer of Jabez                                                Bruce Wilkingson

831    The Mind Game                                                      Phillip Day

832    Jesus the Miracle Worker                                           Peter Scothern

833    Living through Grief                                               Harold Bauman

834    The Sixty Minute Father - an hour to chsnge your childs life       Rob Parsoms

835    How To Study Series - Learning to Worship                          Terry Virgo/ Phil Rogers

836    Fear no Evil                                                       David Watson

837    Left Behind - Tribulation Force                                    Tim LaHaye

838    Left Behind                                                        Tim LaHaye

839    Left behind - Nicolae the rise of antichrist                       Tim LaHaye

840    Left Behind - the destroyer is unleashed                           Tim LaHaye

841    Left Behind - the indwelling the beast takes possession            Tim LaHaye

842    Left Behind - The Mark the beast rules the world                   Tim LaHaye

843    Left Bahind - Desecration antichrist takes the throne              Tim LaHaye

844    Left Behind - Glorious Appearing and the End of Days               Tim LaHaye

845    Angels, Demons and the Spirit World                                Church of God - Canada

846    Mrs. Eddy                                                          Edwin Franden Dakin

847    Prayers & Hymns for use in Schools                                 Oxford Press

848    The Methodist Hymn-Book                                            Richard Clay and Co.

849    The Durham Phenomenon                                              Ted Harrison

850    Prayers and Hymns for littke Children                              Oxford Press

851    Lessons on the Life of Jesus Christ                                Hetty Lee Holland

852    The Sacrifice of Christ                                            C.F.D. Moule

853    Beyond Birth and Death                                             A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

854    Birth Control in the Modern World                                  Elizabeth Draper

855    The Romanian Orthodox Church                                       Orthodox Missionary Institute Bucharest

856    The Church and the Jew-Some Basic Facts                            The Church Ministry among the Jews

857    You Can Line Forever in Paradise on Earth                          Watchtower Bible Tract Society

858    Survival into a New Earth                                          Watchtower Bible Tract Society

859    Sons of the Law- an outline of Jewish life and Faith               Rev W.N.Carter

860    A Book of Prayers                                                  Rev Richard Tatlock

861    The Family and Marriage in Britain                                 Ronald Fletcher

862    The Growing Years - A Book for Christian Parents                   Helen R. Lee

863    I Will Not Fight                                                   Dick Sheppard

864    Crucible Marriage and the Family                                   Crucible

865    Mixed Marriages                                                    Rev John C. Heenan

866    Being a Christian Family                                           Rosemary Haughton

867    Christian Doctrine - eight Lectures from Cambridge                 J.S. Whale

868    The Bible and Modern Science                                       Henry M. Morris

869    Personal Ethics                                                    Oxford University Press

870    Chapter and Verse                                                  S.J. Forrest

871    The Church of Christ                                               Michael Richards

872    Jesus Master and Lord                                              H.E.W. Turner

873    My Prayer Time                                                     Mary Fletcher

874    Vicious Circle                                                     Wilfred Wood & John Downing  

875    Issues of Life and Death                                           Norman Anderson

876    7 Great Prayers- 21 Day prayer Journal                             Paul McManus

877    Night Prayer                                                       The Divine Office

878    A Pocket Book of Prayers for Women                                 Rosa George

879    Learning to Love God                                               \richard Peace

880    Science and Chridtian Belief                                       C.A. Coulsin

881    Instrument of Thy Peace                                            Alan Paton

882    Bible Queries                                                      Henry E. Walter Ltd.

883    Prayers - For use with the under fives                             Mary Bacon & Jean Hodgson

884    The Christian Character                                            Stephen Niell

885    The Chriatian Faith and Industry                                   Sir Charles Marston

886    The Theological Basis for Christian Pacifism                       Charles E. Raven

887    Please God - Prayers for Children                                  Beryl Bye & Joyce Badrocke

888    C.S.S.M. Choruses                                                  Scripture Union

889    Good God it Works                                                  Garth Lean

890    Thank God its Monday                                               Mark Green

891    A Father Before Christmas                                          Neil Boyd

892    Ring of Truth - A Translator's Testimony                           J. B. Phillips

893    Jack in the Pulpit - Memories of a country Parson                  Jack Richardson

894    Keeping Lent                                                       The Benedictines of Nashdom

895    Introduction to Scripture Teaching                                 J. W.D. Smith

896    Day by Day                                                         Rowland Purton

897    The Challenge of Cell Church                                       Phil Potter

898    The Christian Industrial Society                                   H. F. R. Catherwood

899    The Church and the Bomb                                            Hodder & Stoughton

900    Preaching Reassessed                                               John Stacey

901    Christianity and Science                                           Charles E. Raven

902    The Abolition of Religion                                          Leon Morris

903    I Believe in the Holy Spirit                                       Michael Green

904    A Private House of Prayer                                          Leslie D. Weatherhead

905    Hymns                                                              Inter-varsity Press

906    The New Cathedral Salter                                           George C. Martin

907    The Message about the Cross                                        C. J. Cadoux

908    Landscape illustrations of the Bible Vol 1                         Finden

909    The Story of Christ                                                Giovanni Papini

910    Landscape Illustrations of the Bible Vol 2                         Finden

911    Theology of the Old Teastament                                     Heinisch-Heldl

912    The Children Sing                                                  Deseret Book Company

913    The Murfield Mission Hymn Book                                     Community of the Resurrection

914    The Teaching of Jesus                                              T.W. Manson

915    The Work and Words of Jesus                                        A.M. Hunter

916    Fundamentalism and the Church of God                               Gabriel Hebert

917    Choruses No1                                                       

918    The Christ Story                                                   Eva March Tappan

919    Behold the Man                                                     J.N. Everett

920    A Peoples Life of Christ                                           J. Paterson Smyth

921    God is Not Dead                                                    W.H. Murray Walton

922    Anglican-Catholic International Mission The Final Report           CTS/SPCK

923    The Question of Anglican Orders                                    Dom Gregory Dix

924    With Cheerful Voice                                                A & C Black Ltd.

925    The Imitation of Christ                                            Everymans Library

926    Narks of Christian Maturity                                        George Duncan

927    Understanding the Bible                                            John R.W. Stott

928    A Peoples Life of Christ                                           J. Paterson Smyth

929    The Man Nobody Knows                                               Bruce Barton

930    This is Conversion                                                 Joost De Blank

931    Notes on the Angels                                                Based on Thomas Aquinus

932    Of the Imitation of Christ                                         Thomas A Kempis

933    The Methodist Hymn Book                                            Methodist Publishing House

934    In Christ Jesus                                                    Colin Urquhart

935    Only Love can Make a Miracle                                       Mahesh Chavda

936    Needless Casualties of War                                         John Paul Jackson

937    Street University                                                  Arthur Blessitt

938    The Bible for everyday Life                                        George Carey

939    A Sound Word Volume 1                                              Mark & Denise Abernethy

940    Becoming the Person God wants You to Be                            Gabriel Alonso

941    Where will You spent Eternity                                      F. J. Sheed

942    Love in a Hate Situation                                           Christian P. Lodewyk

943    Light                                                              Eva Figes

944    A Miracle Saved My Family                                          Pat Boone

945    Towards The Light - A Way Through Depression                       Dr. Ruth Fawke

946    The Living Story of Christ and His Church                          Kenneth Taylor

947    Living Light                                                       Edythe Draper

948    The Power of Love                                                  David Hewitt

949    Loving God but Still Loving You                                    Marion Stroud

950    How to be the Happy Wife of an Unsaved Husband                     Linda Davis

951    My Father is the Gardener                                          Colin Urquhart

952    Run Baby Run - The story of Nicky Cruz                             Billy Graham

953    The Hiding Place                                                   Corrie Ten Boom

954    The Cross and the Switchblade                                      David Wilkerson

955    In Jesus Christ                                                    Colin Urquhart

956    The Cross and the Switchblade                                      David Wilkerson

957    Christ and Violence                                                Donald Sider

958    Meet the Healer                                                    William Caldwell

959    Fear No Evil                                                       David Watson

960    The Secret of Hapiness                                             Billy Graham

961    Springs of Devotion                                                Arthur Wartman

962    The Holy Spirit and You                                            Dennis & Rita Bennett

963    His God, My God                                                    Caroline Urquhart

964    I Believe in the Church                                            David Watson

965    Knowledge that leads to Everlasting life                           Watch Tower book

966    Lucas on Life                                                      Jeff Lucas

967    To Boldly Go - A Call To Personal Destiny                          Eric Delve

968    A Daily Guide to Miracles                                          Oral Roberts

969    Fulness of Power                                                   Charles J. E. Kingston

970    How I Know God Answers Prayers                                     Rosalind Goforth

971    Coming Home - The Len Magee Story                                  Chris Spencer

972    He is Able                                                         W. E. Sangster

973    I Will Be There                                                    Michael Hollings

974    Health and Wealth                                                  Andrew Brandon

975    Instrument of Thy Peace                                            Alan Paton

976    The God that Answereth by Fire and Thunder                         Rev (DR.) Isaac Etidia

977    The Cross Behind Bars - Story of Noel Proctor                      Jenny Cooke

978    Living God's Way                                                   Arthur Wallis

979    Light for Our Path 1981                                            IBRA

980    Set Free to Serve - A Woman's walk of Faith                        Rachel Robinson

981    Billy Budd, Sailor                                                 Herman Merville

982    The Holy Spirit and You                                            Dennis & Rita Bennett

983    Royal Purposes                                                     E. F. & L. Harvey

984    Finding God's Will - Embracing God's plan for your Life            Jill Briscoe

985    Inspiration Today - A Place for You March 2009                     Benny Hinn

986    Understanding Divine Direction                                     David O. Ovedepo

987    When You're Feeling Down                                           William C. Brownson

988    Colours for the Soul                                               Pam Rhodes

989    Daily Devotions - Bible reading notes                              Selwyn Hughes

990    To Boldly Go - A Call to Personal Destiny                          Eric Delve

991    The Big Fisherman                                                  Lloyd C. Douglas

992    It Hurts to Heal - The birth of a ministry                         John & Christine Huggett

993    Fear of Fifty                                                      Erica Jong

994    Understanding Financial Posperity                                  David O. Oyedepo

995    LIfe the Universe and Everything                                   Douglas Adams

996    The Vision the Quest and the God                                   Mary McMaster

997    Through it All                                                     Andrae Crouch

998    God's City in the Jungle                                           Sanna Barlow Rossi

999    Restored                                                           Women's Aglow Fellowship

1000   Beyond the Cross and the Switchblade                               David Wilkerson

1001   The Whole Person in a Broken World                                 Paul Tournier

1002   How to Live the Christian Life                                     Selwyn Hughes

1003   Make Love Your Aim                                                 Eugenia Price

1004   Breaking Through in Prayer                                         Dan Chesney

1005   The Forgotten Talent                                               J. Cameron Peddie

1006   The Happiest People on Earth                                       Demos Shakarian

1007   Inner Wholeness through the Lord's Prayer                          Rita Bennett

1008   When the Spirit Comes                                              Colin Urquhart

1009   Towers to Eternity                                                 Dr. Paul E. Freed

1010   What Difference does Jesus Make?                                   F. J. Sheed

1011   The Holy Infirmary of the Knights of St. John                      Paul Cassar

1012   My Favourite Quotes & Anecdotes                                    Selwyn Hughes

1013   Power in the Blood                                                 Benny Hinn

1014   The Riddle of the New Testament                                    Sir Edwyn Hoskins / Noel Davey

1015   The Toronto Blessing                                               Dave Roberts

1016   The Shack - Where Tragedy confronts eternity                       William P. Young

1017   You Might have Asked - About the Christian Faith                   Stuart Olyott

1018   God in the Slum - A Book of Modern Miracles                        Hugh Redwood

1019   Church Strategy in a Changing World                                Leslie Stannard Hunter

1020   A Historical Introduction to the New Testament                     Robert Grant

1021   A Chain of Prayers Across the Ages                                 Selina Fitzherbert Fox

1022   The Well is Deep - Aspects of Biblical Heritage                    R. R. Williams

1023   Don't Mary Don't!                                                  Mary Will

1024   Looking for Love in the Wrong Places                               Mary Don't

1025   What is to be is up to Me                                          Mary Don't

1026   Prayer in Christian Theology                                       A. L. Lilley

1027   Masters of the English Reformation                                 Marcus L. Loane

1028   Pauk, Envoy Extraordinary                                          Malcolm Muggeridge / Alec Vidler

1029   The Search for Significance                                        Robert S. McGee

1030   Prayers of Hope - from radio 4's Prayer for the Day                Richard Harries

1031   The Reformation                                                    Owen Chadwick

1032   The Story of the Scottish Reformation                              A. M. Renwick

1033   Marriage as God Intended                                           Selwyn Hughes

1034   The Making of Christian Doctrine                                   Maurice Wiles

1035   Problems of Personal Relationships                                 F. F. Rigby

1036   The Meaning of the Warmed Heart                                    Donald English

1037   A History of the Early Church Volumes 1&2                          Hans Lietzmann

1038   A History of the Early Church Volumes 3&4                          Hans Lietzmann

1039   Images of Life - an invitation to bible study                      World Council of Churches

1040   The Morning After Pill - uncovering the truth                      John R. Ling