This is the testimony of Annamaria Miles as dictated and written by Dr Peter Whitlam. It has been posted to illustrate that despite modern cynicism and scientific rationale, miracles can and do frequently happen.

Annamaria was born in Stamford, Lincolnshire, (she found the fact that she has now returned to Lincolnshire quite ironic) during the time her father was stationed there as an Army officer.

She was the older sister of a loving family which might be described as upper middle class. Annamaria spoke of her father’s anguish at the loss of her brother who died when he was only a few months old. She described her parents as loving and her childhood appears idyllic. Aged about five years old the family moved to London. Annamaria went to a convent school there and later she blossomed into a beautiful young woman who was eventually to go to college. Her mother worked as a nurse and her father did freelance speech training work and worked at the BBC as a TV presenter.   

Her faith was instilled into her by her mother who was a strongly practicing Roman Catholic. Her father had converted to Catholicism, and with the combined influences of both parents, she vigilantly (although sometimes not entirely enthusiastically) practised her faith.

During her working career she worked mostly in administration at Smith Klyne & French Pharmaceuticals. Annamaria was at this time involved with the Scouting Movement and it was here that she met her husband Alan Miles. Alan remarked at this point that he felt very blessed that Annamaria had chosen him.

Annamaria and Alan went on to marry in 1964 and were blessed with two children, Andrew and Amanda. For a while both Annamaria and Alan worked for the same organisation; however Alan discerned that God had a calling for him and he subsequently trained as an Anglican Lay Reader and was later ordained into the Order of St. Leonard.

Annamaria and Alan moved to Alford in 2001 where they became actively involved in church life firstly at the Anglican Church and later at Alford Community Church. Annamaria was heavily involved in organising church events and the pastoral care, which she enjoyed immensely and described her home entertaining as something she loved to do; her house was always full of guests.

In 2012 Annamaria experienced all the symptoms of a stroke down her right side. She was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. With a poor prognosis of her life expectancy she was given only 12 months to set her affairs in order.

God had different plans for her!

The power of healing prayer, laying on of hands from the members of her church, the wider community, Bishop David Carr amongst many others, mean that Annamaria is here with us three years later. The impact of the Holy Spirit was self-evident as an important part of this process.

Soon the year anniversary arrived, followed by the second and third years and despite the fact that the tumour remains, regular scans shows that there was no increase in its size. Entering her fourth year of remission her consultants being somewhat perplexed have now refused to give another prognosis.

Annamaria is cared for at home by Alan and has recently acquired a motorised wheelchair so that she can get out and about more easily.

Although Annamaria has undergone many treatments and operations she remains steadfastly faithful to our Lord and through his love and kindness feels that she has a message to give, through her testimony, to inspire others who are in difficult situations that seem hopeless. Her message is simple – with God all things are made possible!